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((a message will be added here when he figures out how to work the Dreamberry better, or cares enough to set up said message.))
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Dream: ☁ Douze (12)
Includes: Junkyard rules discussion, Harley establishes cluelessness about human reproduction, and "escargot".
Entry was posted: 7-21-2009

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((Warnings: Near-cannibalism.
Optional effects for this non-interactive take on it: Unthinking, ravenous HUNGER, and then quickly building fear and squickedness.
Notes: Interactive version of it is here. Also, he's in a chef costume thanks to the event.))

All they were was MEAT, in its eyes.... )
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Effects: Happiness and contentment. ♥ ...and then it devolves into a whole lot of confusion and doubt.

A darkened room. A view of the ceiling. Light blue paint, and spots of pale yellow, the kind that should glow in the dark, visible near the tiny slivers of the early morning sun barely peeking in over the curtains' tops, a strong yellow that turns the blue into green. The spots are stars, if anyone recognizes the patterns -- the Big Dipper, Draco, Cassiopeia, the Little Dipper with a light bulb where Polaris should be, the fixture taken out and replaced with a smaller dome just for that reason. Around the dreamer, soft sheets. Warmth. Someone else's warmth, and soft skin, a body's welcome weight on the dreamer's arm.

Don't worry, it's G-rated, just cut for length. :) )

Harley pulled the Dreamberry out from under the pillow again, now finally awake. He pushed himself up to sitting, freeing himself of his sheets, his expression somewhere between confused beyond belief and stressed out.

"Abel? Rise?" He looked over to his bedroom door, unaware that the Dreamberry had broadcast anything, not thinking about it yet as he wiped his eyes and made a halfhearted effort to brush his wild orange hair back with a hand before getting up to peek out into the hall. Confirming what house he was in, at least, he went back to the bed to sit down again, not paying any attention to how he rubbed at the faintly-glowing mark on the back of his left hand.

In a whisper to himself, obviously not expecting anyone else to hear him, "What the hell was that?"

((For those curious: the ringtone would be the Rainbow Connection. I could not resist. ♥))
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*shortly after this video went out -- as in, who knows, maybe an hour or two later, if that -- Harley makes another open video call to Somarium. He's in front of his house, wearing a fresh tee, no bloodstains on it this time, and he's in a great mood.*

Hey, everyone -- I caught a sand shark a while ago, and I have more than I can probably eat right now. And I don't have all that huge a freezer in the cellar... and some people already seem interested... so if you want to try some shark meat, Hakkai and I going to be cooking it at my house. It's really good.

*he fiddles with the Dreamberry for a second -- and a map overlays the screen to point out his cottage's location to people who're interested*

It's going to be in the back yard... and I tied my scarf up on the porch so you know it's the place. *points the camera to his front door -- indeed, a gray scarf is tied around one of the porch's railings, a splash of green paint brightly visible on the fabric.* Just come around the house and say hi, okay?

((OOC: Yes, this is backdated. Does this mean new chars joining after when it's backdated to shouldn't see it? Heck no. In fact, if you join a week after this but still feel like hopping in, that's great. Let's time paradox this, y/y? :)

Log is here! ))
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*Harley's in his kitchen, a thick book on the counter near him, and although he's washed up a bit, he's still got a bit of dust, and some blood, on his t-shirt. He looks to be unharmed, though -- it isn't his.*

*a slight frown to himself, flipping the thick book closed again as he looks up to the Dreamberry camera*

All right... This book isn't helping. Does anyone know how to cook up a sand shark, from that desert outside the city?

*guess who managed to hunt a baby sand shark thing!*
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(((Optional as always) Effects: Mild annoyance, being unimpressed with no real interest, and then he's just squicked and definitelyannoyed.
Notes: It is entirely up to you whether your character sees anything on the laptop screen at all, and to what degree they can make it out, and ditto for the sounds that go with it. (Maybe a viewer can be totally disappointed that they saw/heard nothing but lame music, despite Harley's reaction to it?) The game here is, don't name the thing that squicked Harley. Why? Because one, it's like the Room With A Thing game: you can refer to it all you want, so long as you don't get specifically descriptive enough to narrow it down. And two, I have no idea what it is yet that disturbed him, so I'm just going to leave it open. XD All I know is, it very much isn't "vanilla."

Also, Harley's missing his black Atma mark on the back of his left hand in this dream, and it's in first-person view as always. ♥

Warnings: Mild language. SFW?))

I know silicone when I see it. They're fake. )

*snuffs, peeking up confusedly from his heap of pillows and blankets, not sure what to make of any of that yet.*


*yeah, no comment. So lost here. And so very, very disturbed.*
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((Effects: Curiosity, hunger, some mild sense of accomplishment, and a sort of warmth and fondness turning to sadness at the end, missing the big guy.
Note: First-person as usual. And the food smells will likely make someone hungry! Also, if it's in the narrative, you're free to assume your char gets that info as they watch.))

Harley was in the kitchen again. Bacon and eggs were in pans on the stovetop, one of each. He knocked an egg on the side of the pan and stuck his fingers into the crack, pulling it apart and letting the egg itself drop down onto the frying pan, where it began to turn white on the bottom, where it touched. He dropped the pieces of shell into the trash can nearby, and picked up the spatula to turn over the bacon, those browning strips of marbled meat, the smell of which was getting to him, making his stomach growl a little louder and the mark on the back of his left hand glow faintly.

Someone had been there, teaching him to do this, once. )

Harley watched as the last piece in the pan landed halfway outside it, and lifted it up to put it back inside.

"See, you're getting it already."

Noireau, now well grown, watched him calmly from where she lay, in the living room, one of her toys between her paws. Rise was still upstairs this early in the morning, probably sleeping in. The kitchen was empty, save for him. Abel's presence hadn't graced the kitchen for months now, but some part of the back of Harley's mind still half expected him to step in, to peek over at what Harley was doing, to give him that subtle smile of approval which only seemed to touch his eyes.

Harley sighed and set down the spatula, bringing his hands up to wipe the leaking -- the tears, as he always had to correct himself still -- away.
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Poll for everyone, having played DDS or not:

I know what I think about this line in DDS. I'm curious as to how many other people interpret it which way, though.

The line is, while he's running away from the Embryon again, terrified, shaking like a leaf and stuttering: "I'll give you my territory and my hideout... Just leave me alone!"

I don't think he was thinking clearly either way, but the question still seems to remain...
[Poll #1561858]

For those not familiar with DDS, Harley's the leader of a faction that opposes the Embryon (the player-characters) who came into his base and were chasing after him. And later on in the game, the Embryon decide to vacate their current base completely, in favor of moving to a different one, for whatever that tells you of the rules about bases and armies.

I guess that's all that's immediately relevant. :|a Thanks in advance.
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((Warnings: Violence against raptors. (Don't tell PETA!) and some language. But more seriously, nothing too bad in the dream itself.
Dream Effects: Fear, fear, hunger, more fear, and then finally the thrill of kicking the living crud out of something, and being hungry. And maybe embarrassment.
Note: Like with pretty much most every dream for Harley, it's through his eyes. Other SMT-series/Persona chars will probably recognize the fire as agi-based. (Firestorm = Maragi, far as I can tell, and "Skewer" = Agi + phys. attack...) And just to clarify a detail, for those that know him, I'm putting Harley at about 5'9"-5'10"ish. Not 8'+. Haha. That's part of the puzzle here.... and I'm not defining what kind of raptors, either. Who knows, who cares.
Reminder: Comm lines are open due to the event, so THREADJACKING ENCOURAGED!))

Even the skittish can be fierce when their back is to the wall.... )

He groaned as he came to again, opening his eyes a moment after that, and pushed himself back up to sitting, slowly, carefully. His skin was back to its normal, peachy, somewhat pale hue, the black mark on the back of his hand dull and deceptively tattoo-like once more, with no trace of the orange, glowing lines anywhere. He put a hand up to his forehead to hold it a moment, and looked up at the branch that had smacked him. At a glance, it was quite likely six, maybe seven feet up off the ground.

He reached for the brown-glowing Dreamberry which had fallen out of his jeans' pocket, even as he looked around for his crossbow among the now-charred foliage.

"Oh, for crying out loud, where did that f--"

The connection was cut then, and with it, thanks to the event, the video feed.
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((Dream effects: Uncertainty and a bit of confusion, mostly, but some measure of contentment, too, and embarrassment.
OR: Interactive for the event/moon phase this week. Come in and help pretty up the little pony? ♥
Style: Either. And please mark as viewing or jumping in, yes? :D ))

Harley sat, looking down at the furry, pink rug over the linoleum floor. He barely saw it, even as he lowered his nose nearly down to it, exhaling a sigh in a snuff out through his nose, almost a snort, and sulked.

Something about this just wasn't right.

Harley, Rise's bathroom, and pink bows. You know you want this. )

((And if you don't want to do the interactive thing--))

Harley blinked, and rubbed his eyes -- and then quickly looked at his hand, turning it over. It was a hand, not a hoof again. Oh good, so that was just a dream.


Wait, if it was a dream, then--


Harley hurriedly reached over to the nightstand, grabbing the Dreamberry to shut it off. Maybe not everyone had seen that?
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((first-person POV again as usual.
Dream effects: If the writing's not clear enough: satisfaction, some fondness toward the girl (she's a friend, maybe more than that) and then great amusement. ♥
For the very observant: In his dream, his left hand is very much missing that atma mark on the back of it. Also, he's not wearing a Junkyard uniform in the dream, but regular jeans and a green tee, like he's been doing in Som for a while now.))

(click HERE for full view on dA ♥ I don't want to break everyone's layout with posting the huge pic here. XD)

Harley pushed the needle through the little doll's wrist again, securing the cloth to the end of the ribbon with another careful, tiny stitch. He pulled the needle through....

Cut only because I can; visible to all )

Harley sighed, the doll's little mitt and the needle hanging down over his shins to the floor as he rubbed his eyes with his hands, trying to clear his head. He glanced at the window -- it was dark out -- and frowned. How long had he been sitting there against the side of his bed, sewing? Clearly long enough for his mind to start playing tricks on him.... ugh.

And then he noticed the Dreamberry sitting on the bed near his head was on and glowing. Yeah, gonna turn that off if no one calls first. ...wait, was it just pinkish for a second there? What.
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((Backdated a day or two, I guess? This is repeated all throughout the event; it's what isn't letting him get a good night's rest. Dream effects would include complete and utter mortal terror, and pain, to whatever degree it is your char's getting the dream effects.

After-dream responses: Harley only knows English. And a handful of very, very fail fail!French words. So pretty much, just English. :| ))

Cut for DEMONS KILLING AND EATING HIM. ...not kidding. )

Harley woke with a quiet gasp, fists clutching the bedding as though his life depended on it, knuckles white and Atma mark on the back of his left hand acting up faintly, a soft orange light glowing around the black shape. He was fully under his blankets with the dreamberry, pillow tucked down under the blankets as well, with the dog, Noireau, sleeping fitfully right beside him, and Rise's distinct red hair lying over Noireau's white and black fur, on the other side.

He took a shaky breath, and let go of the sheets with one hand enough to wipe his eyes, not yet noticing that the dim light was coming from the device which had turned on, by the pillows.
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((note: His POV as usual, and dream-effects as usual (if you want them?) which means basically, that feeling of being really focused on whatever task it is, and looking forward to the result... and then, of course, being glad at the end, when it's done. ♥

Tagging Style: either. Posting this in prose because I just feel like it. :3))

Chocolate hearts, chocolate bars, chocolate... KEYBOARDS? )

Harley shook his head, breaking his gaze away from the chocolate heart in its little box, to see what Noireau was up to. The pup was still harassing the bit of plastic, pawing at it and sending it underneath her, only to step back and try again, to the same result as before.

He set the little box back down, and looked down at the shelf just below it, where long bars sat, in goldenrod plastic wrappers, similar to the Butterfinger in the scenes just past. He reached for one of those....
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*the video is him at home, in his living room -- there's a painting of the Karma Temple, not that many people would recognize it, hanging on the wall above the couch, and he's dressed in his now-usual green tee and jeans. The Dreamberry's sitting on the coffee table in front of him, and it looks like he's been writing something. Oh yeah, and he's back to being a human again, too, for those few people that noticed he was a pony for a while in the first place. >_>*

Okay, I'm just going to put this out there. I'd like to find out who's working on some sort of law system for Somarium, or failing that, anyone involved in enforcing what might already be here, because I need to get in touch with them about something. Thanks.

*reaches over and cuts the video*
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Gray. It was gray before him, to the sides, everywhere was nothing but gray. And green showed down from above, catching on the gray walls and sticking there, cool and blinding.

And then there was red, flung through the air, and red roaring through enormous white teeth, ripping something (someone) gray apart, spilling more red, and yellow behind it, and white, all of them grabbing the other gray ones, the smaller ones, the human shapes which were darkening as glowing purple lines crawled across them, and spilling more red, making it all disappear.

He nearly stumbled (Had he been running? Yes, yes he had-- He had to have been running--) but caught himself on the wall before he fell, and kept going through the gray halls, turning a corner and landing hard against another gray thing, a recessed section, a door that

have to get away from them, oh dear god don't let them catch me please don't let them eat me too

didn't want to open right away. He tried prying it open, only for his hand to catch on a device of some sort, something hard and smooth, a panel with a thin hole (slot) in it. And it seemed something was in his other hand, his left hand (the hand that was now covered in golden, glowing lines) a hard and smooth and small and flat thing which was supposed to go into the panel. He risked a glance behind him, the red splattering down the hall, the tangle of colors as they drew ever so swiftly nearer, casting dark shadows through the hall, blocking the green lighting above, concealing what they were doing with those they grabbed, now charcoal with glowing lines of different colors, making them disappear into their massive mouths, human screams mingling with bloodthirsty, inhuman sounds that made his blood run cold. Sharp white teeth were one of the few details to be seen among the carnage behind him, and he turned back to the panel just as he somehow managed to fit the card inside, quickly prying the door open, that it might let him in sooner than it would on its own, and as he tried to shove through the widening passageway, he risked another glance behind him.

They were already upon him, and black obscured his view (there was a black one, wasn't there? there had to be) its gaping maw filled with a starburst of white, rows of gleaming teeth filling his vision as it crashed against him, knocking him backwards into the room, and as he drew a breath to scream, he fell--

The Dreamberry hit against the side of the nightstand and clattered to the floor, resting just before a lump in a pile of green blankets did likewise. It was quickly followed by Noireau, the growing-ever-bigger malamute puppy, who apparently just could not wait to play with Harley that morning, and had shoved him out of bed in her efforts to wake him up. Never mind that the lump in the blankets which was, presumably, the Vanguards leader, seemed to be fairly hopelessly tangled now while she stepped on him and nudged at him, and he made muffled sounds of protest back. She was going to play, and that was that.

And then she stepped on the Dreamberry, cutting the feed.

((let's just presume that when the calls happen, it'll be a while later, when the dog's not trying to wrestle with him from outside the blanket, and stepping on his Dreamberry.

Also, he is an itty lil shetland pony now. Because that door lock he dreamed he put a keycard into? That was actually his Dreamberry and the "turn into an animal" card. XD))
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I can't believe he ate THE WHOLE THING. :| )

He was in no hurry to wake up. The sun was already high in the sky by the time he yawned and peeked over at where his Dreamberry lay on the nightstand. The fact that it was on puzzled him a little, and he moved to reach for it, to turn it off... only to quickly realize that doing so would require moving more than he was comfortable with. He made a face and curled up again instead, and once it connected that the device's activity meant it'd broadcast what had just gone through his mind, pulled a pillow over his head. At least the mark on his hand had quit glowing.
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((ooc: Technically, this is posted on the morning of Nov. 6th. Just fyi.))

Much like his previous video post, this one is pretty clearly an accident as well.

His Dreamberry is sitting on the coffee table, at a slight angle from having turned on when it fell out of his jeans' pocket. How does the viewer know this? His jeans are somewhat visible in the corner of the screen, and green fabric which must be his tee shirt is under that. Yeah, on the coffee table. Next to a good many bottles, now empty, that appear to have once contained alcoholic beverages, and a dark bottle that would probably be easily enough recognizable. There's an empty cake platter elsewhere on the table, as well as bowls now empty of all but a little puddle of once-was-ice-cream.

Naomi is asleep at one end of the couch, looking as comfortable in the cushions and pillows there as Harley looks using her lap as a pillow. While Naomi is dressed modestly for once in a turtleneck, Harley himself is apparently quite nude, save for his black shorts, with pieces of his gray Junkyard uniform strewn about, on the back of the couch, the floor, the coffee table... as are various articles of Rise's wardrobe. Rise herself is hugging onto him lightly while sprawled on top of him, looking quite lovely in a dress that she's arguably only half wearing.

Noireau is asleep on a recliner, tail twitching a little in her sleep, clearly the most innocent-looking person at what seems like it must've been one wild party the night before.
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((ooc: through his eyes as usual. Because. And totally unfiltered as always~ ♥ ))

Cut for no better reason than because I can! )
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*the camera jerks as it comes on, nudged from behind, which is probably what activated it.*

*the scene is of Abel's living room, from the point of view of the coffee table. On the table is the remnants of what might've once been a large cake, but is now so many crumbs, and one half-finished slice still on the platter, and a mostly-empty glass of juice. On the couch behind it, Abel's sleeping, still sitting up halfway. Doesn't look like he meant to fall asleep there, but he did, his own empty glass still in hand. And sleeping up against him, similarly dead to the world where he was sitting, is Harley, his overgrown, bright orange hair unmistakable, even though he's not wearing his Junkyard uniform... he's just wearing jeans and a green tee shirt, for a change.*

*the Dreamberry's camera moves just a little again, and there's a snuffling sound.... and then a puppy's paw beside the view as Noireau climbs up onto the coffee table and claims the last bites of the cake for herself while the two humans aren't paying enough attention to tell her otherwise.*

((I just know someone's going to misinterpret this. haha.))


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