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((first-person POV again as usual.
Dream effects: If the writing's not clear enough: satisfaction, some fondness toward the girl (she's a friend, maybe more than that) and then great amusement. ♥
For the very observant: In his dream, his left hand is very much missing that atma mark on the back of it. Also, he's not wearing a Junkyard uniform in the dream, but regular jeans and a green tee, like he's been doing in Som for a while now.))

(click HERE for full view on dA ♥ I don't want to break everyone's layout with posting the huge pic here. XD)

Harley pushed the needle through the little doll's wrist again, securing the cloth to the end of the ribbon with another careful, tiny stitch. He pulled the needle through....

....and brought the end of the wire up to the little clamp. He stuck it in, and closed it, making the connection secure.

He was sitting on his heels, on top of something, high above the floor, leaning forward to rest his forearms on a panel's bottom edge, with his hands inside the small cavity, close to a few circuit boards, a mess of wires and modules, chips and shiny little silver spots of solder, and mechanical devices... and a speaker that he could clearly see the back of.

"Try it now?"

A girl stood below him, the same girl that'd been in one of his previous dreams, with short red hair and glasses. She looked up again briefly from messing with what looked like an MP3 player, and unplugged her headphones from it, plugging in a cord that led to a huge remote control, instead. She pressed a button.

Music issued from the far side of the speaker, tinny and faint.

"Uh...." She looked up at it and him again, making a face. "I think something's touching the speaker."

"...Or it's not fully plugged in." He looked inside again. He carefully took hold of one of the thin cords, and pressed it more firmly into place. At the faint click, the music jumped up in volume and deepened, base suddenly audible, and he grinned. "Looks like Fido isn't going to be mute after all."

"Steve will be thrilled."

He snorted, closing the panel again, and straightened up a little, grabbing a thick, plastic-coated cable behind him, attached to what he was crouched on, for balance. "Steve wants to dub its effects in afterward if he doesn't like how it sounds with the speaker. Meanwhile... we've got music, right?"

"Yeah, Fido the stereo. We're teaching it new tricks every day." She smiled, looking up at the thing.

"Uh huh. Sit, stand, speak... how's walk coming?"

"Finished the program for that last night. Fido's mobile."

"We're pretty far ahead of schedule... I should probably do up another service droid or something."

"Yeah." She paused. "You know, I kind of wish Fido could run on batteries for longer at a time. I'd totally ride it down to the store. Go pick up pizza or something."

"Yeah. Right." He chuckled, and the song ended. The next one began, a woman's voice and soft piano. There were quiet sounds that came from the speaker's enclosure, a faint whirr of gears and mechanics, currently unseen. "Like anyone would sell pizza to Fido."

There was a moment of silence, broken only by a soprano's melancholy notes.

They looked at each other. Her expression was quickly sliding from satisfaction, into deviousness and mischief, dimples deepening a little as her grin widened, in a way that he couldn't help but appreciate....

"Hawaiian, from Zeus's? They deliver."

There was another pause, and finally he just had to laugh outright. "Hawaiian's fine, but dear god... the delivery guy's going to piss himself and drop it, and you know it."

"It won't get dropped if Fido can snag it first!" She was already dialing a number on her cell phone, and bringing it to her ear. ".... Hi! Yeah, I'd like to order a pizza. I want one large Hawaiian, a bottle of root beer, a thing of garlic bread...."

Harley sighed, the doll's little mitt and the needle hanging down over his shins to the floor as he rubbed his eyes with his hands, trying to clear his head. He glanced at the window -- it was dark out -- and frowned. How long had he been sitting there against the side of his bed, sewing? Clearly long enough for his mind to start playing tricks on him.... ugh.

And then he noticed the Dreamberry sitting on the bed near his head was on and glowing. Yeah, gonna turn that off if no one calls first. ...wait, was it just pinkish for a second there? What.
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