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((OOC: Seen pretty much through his eyes, and visible to all. The failpony STILL hasn't figured out filters. :|

City pass payment 2/2!))

It was another gorgeous, sunny day outside in Somarium, in a quiet little spot, a small field of thick, slightly overgrown grass, surrounded by trees and a little stream. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming, and everything seemed perfectly idyllic.

Harley glanced over the thick cloth sheet that he and Abel sat on. The evidence of their lunch was put away in the basket again, and Abel was picking over Noireau's leash, untangling it from the knot it had somehow ended up in. As for Noireau herself, the fuzzy puppy was happily playing in the grass a couple of feet away, chasing after a grasshopper.

"How in the world did she manage this?" Abel wondered aloud, frowning at the leash.

Harley leaned over to see it better -- it was well and truly tangled, although she hadn't been given a whole lot of leash to run around on, on their way to the spot.

"She's really talented?"

Abel peeked up at him, raising an eyebrow. He didn't say anything, just eyed Harley for a brief moment, amused, before returning to work on the knot, sighing.

Noireau continued to chase after the insect, and when Harley looked back over to where she'd been, expecting to find her still there, he found her a good distance away, instead. Before Abel could even notice to comment, Harley was getting up to follow her.

"Hey, Noireau! Come back here!"

The puppy ignored him. She hurried away faster, even, attention caught now by something in the trees. A dark shape of some kind, perhaps a human, was lurking in the shadows. What it was, he couldn't make out, despite the bright daylight.... until Noireau was nearly across the little field.

An ominous, deep red glow was beginning to spread across the side of the figure, in almost spiderwebby lines.

"Noireau! No!" He saw her closing in on the other, and redoubled his efforts to reach her before she reached them. It seemed that everything was obscured for a moment by a white glow -- and to most viewers, it would seem that either the Dreamberry was malfunctioning, or Harley's perception of everything was simply unsteady, as alarmed as he was, and it was a dream, anyway -- but as it disappeared to show the trees again, a similar glow was fading from the other figure, which had grown in size. The dark shape raised an arm, and what must have been a giant, clawed hand, ready to strike at the puppy as she neared, oblivious.

For all of maybe half a second more, grass flew by at speeds nearly completely unattainable by human effort, and he leaned forward, ready to tackle the intruder, to keep it away from her.

A quick motion as he reached the shape, and in a blink, he found himself flipped, suddenly on his back with the trees and clouds above, and a huge, round red shape looming him, its giant, sharp teeth -- oh god those teeth! -- descending swiftly.

He screamed.

The Dreamberry's screen jerked as it was moved, then showed, on its side at an angle, the morning sky with its colorful sunrise over a landscape of Espoir rooftops and streets. The sound that hadn't quite died out yet wasn't any human scream, though... more like a high-pitched squeal from an animal. More interestingly, the Dreamberry's view trembled with the sound of something heavy tumbling down the thatched roof it lay on, until it stopped with a thud on the soft grass-covered ground of the back yard, just below. The movements were too much for the device to manage to keep its odd perch for long, though, and it slides down after, the straw of the roof turning it around, and tilting the view back up, then sideways more, nearly upside down as it makes its way... probably enough to give anyone the impression of tumbling down themselves. There's a second or two in which it gives a very clear view, however, of where it's headed.

The thatched roof nearly extended down to the grass here, and a couple feet past it, was what surely took the spill, now lying there dazedly, very much not sleeping any longer, despite making no move to get back up yet. In the brief moment it's in view, it looks for all the world like a horse... an incredibly skinny one, white with black tigerstripes and wide yellow eyes, and no front legs to be seen.

And then the little device tips and flips again, skittering backwards and upside down, tumbling over itself as it bounces off the bottom of the thatching... and then bounces off the creature's stomach, earning a startled little sound. It closes when it lands in the grass, and cuts off there.
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