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((OOC: Seen pretty much through his eyes, and visible to all. The failpony STILL hasn't figured out filters. :|

City pass payment 2/2!))

Cut for length, is all. )

The Dreamberry's screen jerked as it was moved, then showed, on its side at an angle, the morning sky with its colorful sunrise over a landscape of Espoir rooftops and streets. The sound that hadn't quite died out yet wasn't any human scream, though... more like a high-pitched squeal from an animal. More interestingly, the Dreamberry's view trembled with the sound of something heavy tumbling down the thatched roof it lay on, until it stopped with a thud on the soft grass-covered ground of the back yard, just below. The movements were too much for the device to manage to keep its odd perch for long, though, and it slides down after, the straw of the roof turning it around, and tilting the view back up, then sideways more, nearly upside down as it makes its way... probably enough to give anyone the impression of tumbling down themselves. There's a second or two in which it gives a very clear view, however, of where it's headed.

The thatched roof nearly extended down to the grass here, and a couple feet past it, was what surely took the spill, now lying there dazedly, very much not sleeping any longer, despite making no move to get back up yet. In the brief moment it's in view, it looks for all the world like a horse... an incredibly skinny one, white with black tigerstripes and wide yellow eyes, and no front legs to be seen.

And then the little device tips and flips again, skittering backwards and upside down, tumbling over itself as it bounces off the bottom of the thatching... and then bounces off the creature's stomach, earning a startled little sound. It closes when it lands in the grass, and cuts off there.
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When: After the tunnels event, because I'm not sure how long that's running. XD
Filters: None. Visible to all since the failpony hasn't figured out filters yet!
Other: City Pass payment 1/2!

Cut for length; here there be the Junkyard and crack! )

Another bark, and he scrambled out from under the bedding, his bright orange hair a wild mess. The puppy jumped down off the bed and headed to the door, turning to wait for him with another bark, tail wagging madly.

"And you want to be let out, don't you. Okay...." He got up from the bed, grabbing the Dreamberry off the nightstand. "Didn't feel like getting Abel to do it, huh?"

Another little bark, and the Dreamberry was closed, connection finally cut.


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