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Name:Harley, Leader of the Vanguards
Birthdate:May 20
Location:United States of America

Leader of the Vanguards Tribe
(RP journal only)

[Mun Contact Info]
Email/IM/Plurk: (private, but available)
Main account: (private, never used.
Might as well not exist.)
Please use this post instead.

Profile Meme, aka Info at a glance:
[Canon] Digital Devil Saga
[Point Taken from Canon] Somarium: post-death
SMT DR: just before the Embryon caught up with him in his office

[Age]"adult" (in his 20s, apparently)
[Gender] male
[Sexual Orientation] He found out what sex was from a book. He thinks it sounds disgusting.
[Eye Color] Bright orange
[Hair Color] Bright orange
[Height] 5'9" or so
[Other] Atma mark on the back of his left hand (looks like a black tattoo; see picture)
[Clothing] Variant on the standard Junkyard uniform. Tribe color: green. (see picture)
In Somarium, he's been wearing jeans and a green tee, mostly.

[Background] Leader of the Vanguards, ranked 5th of 6 in size/strength, in the Junkyard. Currently Tribeless, and probably confused. (see full bio)

[Personality] Survivalist, creative, curious, was fairly confident, but is now badly traumatized and fearful. Total dork. (see full bio)

[Specialties/Abilities] Skill with ranged weapons, general military skills such as vehicle and weapon use/maintenance, computers, general resourcefulness. Also, art. Can shapeshift into an Asura form.

Asura demon: Hayagriva (striped, bipedal, upright horse-like creature) Uses agi (fire element attacks/pyrokinesis) and horn-ramming, mostly. Resistant to "status effects" such as poison, but weak against cold. (see full bio or more Hayagriva-specific stuff on this page.)


Do what you want to him; he might not understand, though. He did find out what sex was, from a book. He thinks it sounds disgusting.

[Fighting] He's mostly defensive, so likely won't want to fight until pushed first or cornered. Go ahead and pick on him; his mun does! ♥ ...not that he'll appreciate it, but it's totally allowed. Just watch out, though, since he can usually hold his own, and when distressed enough, doesn't tend to hold back.

[Other Permissions] Telepathy, auras, impersonations, general fckery fun? This mun's all for it. Just prod me/give me a heads up in an ooc note or something, and I'll be happy to dish out info to torment Harley with make your job so much easier. ♥

[Other Facts] He's pretty clueless thanks to life in the Junkyard, and bound to ask a lot of questions about things most people find obvious. Patience is a virtue?

Please note: Most of my icons were made by me for this account. There are some Harley icons out there, but I re-recorded all the cutscenes and put a good 5+ hours of work into drawing or redrawing each of the icons noted as being made by me. (Yes, 5+ per icon.) If you want icons, I suggest you use the ones freely available, or else cap the cutscenes off Youtube and create your own. Thank you for understanding.
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