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((OOC: Seen pretty much through his eyes, and visible to all. The failpony STILL hasn't figured out filters. :|

City pass payment 2/2!))

Cut for length, is all. )

The Dreamberry's screen jerked as it was moved, then showed, on its side at an angle, the morning sky with its colorful sunrise over a landscape of Espoir rooftops and streets. The sound that hadn't quite died out yet wasn't any human scream, though... more like a high-pitched squeal from an animal. More interestingly, the Dreamberry's view trembled with the sound of something heavy tumbling down the thatched roof it lay on, until it stopped with a thud on the soft grass-covered ground of the back yard, just below. The movements were too much for the device to manage to keep its odd perch for long, though, and it slides down after, the straw of the roof turning it around, and tilting the view back up, then sideways more, nearly upside down as it makes its way... probably enough to give anyone the impression of tumbling down themselves. There's a second or two in which it gives a very clear view, however, of where it's headed.

The thatched roof nearly extended down to the grass here, and a couple feet past it, was what surely took the spill, now lying there dazedly, very much not sleeping any longer, despite making no move to get back up yet. In the brief moment it's in view, it looks for all the world like a horse... an incredibly skinny one, white with black tigerstripes and wide yellow eyes, and no front legs to be seen.

And then the little device tips and flips again, skittering backwards and upside down, tumbling over itself as it bounces off the bottom of the thatching... and then bounces off the creature's stomach, earning a startled little sound. It closes when it lands in the grass, and cuts off there.
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When: After the tunnels event, because I'm not sure how long that's running. XD
Filters: None. Visible to all since the failpony hasn't figured out filters yet!
Other: City Pass payment 1/2!

Cut for length; here there be the Junkyard and crack! )

Another bark, and he scrambled out from under the bedding, his bright orange hair a wild mess. The puppy jumped down off the bed and headed to the door, turning to wait for him with another bark, tail wagging madly.

"And you want to be let out, don't you. Okay...." He got up from the bed, grabbing the Dreamberry off the nightstand. "Didn't feel like getting Abel to do it, huh?"

Another little bark, and the Dreamberry was closed, connection finally cut.
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((OOC note: it's all from his point of view, so there's not a lot of Harley himself to be seen. Picture this as being some sort of FPS game or something, and you get the idea -- hands, business end of the weapon, and whatever else happens to come into view will be described. ♥))

Unfiltered, just cut for length, even though it's not really terribly long. )

Harley stretched out where he'd been curled up under the blankets, bright orange hair more of a mess than it usually was. What started off as a warm smile faded to a confused look as he realized.... he wasn't actually sure what the heck that was about.

After rubbing his eyes and sitting up a bit more -- looks like he's taken off his gray uniform, leaving him in just in his black undershirt and shorts, to sleep -- he finally finds that the little Dreamberry's on, and reaches over to kill its connection.
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Harley regarded the small brown creature.

It didn't look threatening. It looked... soft? And it had such large eyes, and funny things on its head that flopped down. Were those its ears? He watched the way its nose twitched as it sniffed around between the rocks, looking for something.

He was pretty sure that it wouldn't be able to eat him. Couldn't be a threat. It was actually quite... what was the word? He sort of wanted to try petting it, to see if it felt how it looked. He found himself liking it more and more as he watched it. He found himself crouching down. He found himself extending a hand to the little thing, his mouth daring to form a sadly rare, honest smile.

He also found himself with the creature's teeth in his finger shortly thereafter.

He yelped, jerking his hand back and springing to his feet. "Would everything quit trying to eat me!"

With a few choice words more as it stepped after him, he sprinted away, only pausing when the building he had been near was nowhere in sight, and he was once again completely lost. Not as though he hadn't been lost before, of course, but he was lost once again, and if he couldn't find the small, furry monster that had wanted him for dinner, maybe the small, furry monster couldn't find him, either.

Or so the logic went.

Unfortunately for him, he was so intent on watching to make certain it wasn't following him, that he managed to completely neglect to watch what he was approaching, and bumped right into something else. Something vaguely resembling the first creature he'd encountered here that had tried to eat him, brown and soft and fluffy, with dark eyes, and four legs, and holy crap that was the biggest... whatever it was... he had ever seen. And it made a sound at him, a bleating one, as it lifted its head, its nose and mouth coming closer, sniffing at him...

He barely managed to choke out a scream as he turned and ran once again.

((Here, have some more fail! Laena said this kind of "dream" post was allowed -- let me know if I'm getting this wrong, please, Lae? -- so here you all go! And if everyone can conveniently forget to mention about the scarecrows, you'll get another fun bit soon too. ♥))
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*the video comes on with the sound of several small items falling to the ground, one of them right in front of the Dreamberry, which also fell, making it start broadcasting this moment of FAIL when it landed and popped open. It's immediately recognizable to anyone who's familiar with Junkyard wares, a standard medium-sized rations bar in its drab little wrapping, probably plastic or something, nothing flashy. Military issue, likely, certainly nothing of importance. The view beyond it shows the setting to be from the middle of a cluster of little houses in the village, with a clear shot of the fountain beyond them, not too very far away.*

*there's a sound from Harley, something of a whine, mostly just a frustrated sound as he goes about, out of view for a moment, presumably gathering back up what he dropped... and then his left hand comes into view, snagging the wrapped-up little rations bar. His skin's gone a darker, ashy sort of color, no longer its common peachy tone, and the skin just around the tattoo-like mark on the back of his hand is shining whitely at its edges, with yellowy, bright orange glowy lines spreading out away from it. He puts the bar somewhere, out of the camera's view, and then he grabs up the Dreamberry, closing it and cutting the feed again as he does.*

((Fair warning: he's really not likely to answer any tags back to this accidental post, since he probably won't get a chance to... but it was just a few seconds' clip of a random but totally identifiable location anyway. He didn't even realize it recorded anything; he hasn't been messing much with the little device enough to know it well, or how it works, or... anything. Very fail, Harley. Very fail. *sarcastic applause* :|

Edit: Just for reference, or if anyone's curious, the log that immediately follows this post is right here. ))
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Cut for nightmare content (purposely vague descriptions of violence/gore/scariness?) )


*Harley makes a sound, a terrified, choked little gasp as he wakes up and pushes himself up off the ground and into a sitting position, pulling his knees up in front of him. It's too dark to make out anything much, but the glow from the Dreamberry shows that his back's to a wall somewhere, perhaps in an alleyway, or inside a building, with its lights off. It's hard to tell. He's still for a second, eyes wide, and then reaches a shaking hand up to check over himself, probably for sign of injuries. There aren't any, which confuses the heck out of him. He looks around him, not sure what to make of this, and finally catches sight of the Dreamberry sitting on the ground in front of him. It takes him a second before he reaches to pick it up and look it over. He doesn't look like he's ever seen it before, but that doesn't stop him from turning it off without a word.*

((...apologies to any chars totally disturbed by a nightmare like that. ♥

...yeah, that was through his eyes, just to make it clear. *only just now realized*

Also, yes, this is his intro. He's totally confused now. YAY BRAINBREAK!))
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(Part 1 is here.)

This will be edited into coherency later. It's Stupid o' Clock right now, and I don't have these notes so very well organized atm. :|

Awesome geekiness is under this cut. You've been warned. )

To sum up Hayagriva from DDS1:
600 HP, 150 MP.
Immune to: Fire, Expel, Death, Status effects
Weak to: Ice
Has Void Ice (shield)
and can cast Agi and Maragi equivalents for FREE. (Pony is a freaking cheater.)

Yes, he's a very fail pony, but I wish I could've had him join the Embryon and fight on my team. :(

....I'll write up my own thing for how his stats should look, with the way I play him, later. You know... adjusted for common sense and stuff. Because WTF, pony? Just... WTF.
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(Continued from here.)

Playing him from after his death in the game, what would his opinion of the Embryon in general, and those three in particular be?

Simple: they're monsters. They turn into demons and do horrible, horrible things, like ripping people apart and eating them. They chased him down in his own base to do that to him too. Is his opinion of them likely to be easily swayed? Absolutely not. Traumatizing someone and then killing them isn't something you just "get over" even if your attackers decide to start treating you with indifference. (If anything, a neutral reaction would be insulting: don't they feel anything over their actions? Remorse? Pride? Disgust? Glee? Simply feeling those things wouldn't be enough for Harley, though, as he can't read their minds.)

He'll want to have as little to do with them as possible. There must be quite a mix of emotions at play after something like that, everything from anger and frustration, to continued fear, to wanting to warn others about them, so they won't suffer the same fate. Expect him to tell others just how horrible those Embryon are, if the subject comes up, because they totally are, in his book. He won't really want to talk to the Embryon themselves; they ought to expect that he'll avoid them, perhaps even hang up on them, if they should call him. If they try to visit his house, he won't be interested in giving them another chance. Why should he? They blew it spectacularly, last time they came over, at Svadhisthana. They killed him. They're more likely to get a gun or crossbow pointed in their faces and told to turn around and leave or he'll be pulling that trigger, than being invited to explain why they came over.

Is that paranoid? Arguably. Is it reasonable and realistic? I'd say that anything else wouldn't be.

If they want to have anything to do with him, they will have to be the ones making steps toward making amends. They invaded his home, tore through his army, manhandled and terrified him, and then slaughtered him. Saying "I'm sorry" is a mere drop in the bucket, but it would be somewhere to start. In fact, it might be an excellent place to start. Until he really understandsand can accept that they really are not okay with what they did either, relations with those three, especially, won't be likely to improve in any significant way. In other words, Heat will remain the subject of his nightmares for a good while.

Is he still going to be terrified of "monsters"? It's a label given to something barely understood, dangerous, and with horrifying behaviors, so yes. Maybe if he were able to identify something previously thought to be a "monster" as being... not a monster, then the associated monster-ish ideas (like eating people, causing chaos, killing, etc) could be set aside, for whatever it is.

"It's not a monster, it's a rabbit. It's just an animal."

"It's not a monster, it's a sheep. It's just an animal."

"It's not a monster, it's a horse. It's just an animal."

"It's not a monster, it's a sand shark. .... Okay, so maybe it's kind of a monster, but it's one that can be dealt with easily enough, and here's how."

But trying to say that Varna, for example, isn't a monster, because it's "just" a water creature, isn't going to fly here. Look at the teeth. Look at those huge claws/arm-blades. Look at what Serph did with that form. That's a monster, plain and simple.

Then there's the whole debate over how he'll handle having his demon form... I'll write this up later and post it here. To sum, though, I don't think he'll want to face it.
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(Continued from another post.)

When you reach Svadhisthana, the place is deserted.... )

(Continued here.)
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WARNING: DEBATABLY MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR DIGITAL DEVIL SAGA WITHIN. I am not making that up. Thought you should know before you start reading.

Putting this part, at least, up now. I've been meaning to write it up since forever, but am only now getting around to it. Fail, right? Haha. Anyway! These are my TL;DR observations on the first part of DDS1, and some of my theories on what's going on, and notes on Harley's probable perspective, specifically. If anyone was wondering about some of the details in that part of the game, or even just why the heck I decided on certain aspects to his personality, this might help a bit. Yes, I do gloss over a lot of stuff that doesn't directly relate to him, like the Embryon's meeting after they wake up and return to base. I'm more interested in his character and psychology, for this writeup, than the other characters'. Maybe I'll write more about them later.

I've gotten my hands on three versions of DDS: the US release, the Japanese release, and the "undubbed" game, which is when someone gets clever with their editing, and takes out the English audio files for the game, to replace them with the Japanese ones. The result is a game with the English version's menus and subtitles (all the localization niceties) but with the original Japanese actors' audio reinstated. (Ahh, Bit Torrent, how I love thee.)

So, while I've managed to play the Japanese version a fair bit... I really don't know Japanese well enough to play the game easily, and as most of the game requires a good bit of reading, I'm not planning on going much further into it than I already have, yet. It doesn't include an option for English subtitles/menus, but I've still gotten some interesting details from it. The Undubbed version, however, is much more accessible.

A detailed writeup of Harley's part in the game is under this cut. )

(Continued here.)

Pics post~

Jun. 8th, 1999 05:14 am
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This post will be used for illustrating various things, when I don't want to put a link directly to the picture itself, for the possible case of updating the pics or something... just sayin'.

pics under cut, to spare your browser )
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General Char Info )
Physical appearance )
Personality )
Fears )
Weaknesses )
Strengths/Abilities )
History )
Permission stuff )

Further Reading:
GiantBomb.com wiki article on Harley
Wikipedia and EI articles on type-6 personalities (Enneagram classification)
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Haha... no, but really, how's my driving? Say hi, give concrits (note: constructive) leave the mun a voicemail, maybe plot with me a bit? Drop me a line!

HMD/crits, general contact is go!

((Anon on, IP off, screened. ♥

I'm not about to hide the anon comments I'm getting recently. Screening's disabled for the time being. Not sure when I'll re-screen it.

Edit: Anon commenting is OFF for now. I swear I won't get pissed at someone for simply disagreeing with me, but the recent anons aren't being very constructive. If you're going to tell me I'm doing it wrong, could you at least tell me how to fix it, rather than simply telling me to "review canon" or insulting me? Thanks.

Edit again: Anon back on. Let's try this again.... *sigh*))

A few points to clear things up, and please take this into account:
  • I do try to make certain I know the canon, yes. But more than just that, I try very hard to understand the canon from Harley's point of view too. Is he unbiased? Not at all. Is he going to be fair about everything? No, he's not. People are not always neutral and logical about things that have a great impact on them, in real life.
  • I do not have a tracking post up yet, and I'm not certain whether I'll get around to making one. On one hand, I'm flattered that someone might want to stalk my posts and stuff -- but on the other, it's more work than I often feel like doing. I don't even stay on top of having my f-list up to date. orz.



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