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((Dream effects: Uncertainty and a bit of confusion, mostly, but some measure of contentment, too, and embarrassment.
OR: Interactive for the event/moon phase this week. Come in and help pretty up the little pony? ♥
Style: Either. And please mark as viewing or jumping in, yes? :D ))

Harley sat, looking down at the furry, pink rug over the linoleum floor. He barely saw it, even as he lowered his nose nearly down to it, exhaling a sigh in a snuff out through his nose, almost a snort, and sulked.

Something about this just wasn't right.

He was calm again, and Rise had made certain of that with all the reassurances, telling him how it would be so nice, in that gentle tone of hers, while she ran her dainty little fingers down the back of his scalp, through the strands of hair she played with. Her smile, wide and happy, and constant chatter, had kept him from further paranoia for the last few days, and now it had been keeping him from thinking too much about what she'd been doing.

He looked up again, into the full-length mirror hanging on the bathroom door. Tried to, anyhow; all he saw from that angle was the sink, from below.

He wasn't sure he really wanted to lift his head enough to see himself properly again.

He looked to the door's side, and up at the knob which wasn't turning yet. Where was Rise, anyway? She said she'd be right back... but that had to be-- had to be at least-- two ten minutes ago now. What could she possibly be getting, that would take so long?

He looked back down at the rug, shifted a little... and finally raised his head to sit up a little straighter, and peeked into the mirror, still not entirely sure about this.

He was a tiny little pony, maybe two and a half feet high, white, with a wide gray stripe running down from bangs to mouth. Bangs which were currently tied in a pink bow. In fact, all of his mane, and his tail as well, had been braided and bowed, to the tune of Rise's coos, as he sat there on the rug, in front of her. He'd nearly fallen asleep several times during it, just from the hypnotic effect that the constant, light tugs on his hair had on him, as she worked. And now she'd left to go get something, and he was still sitting on her floor, looking at himself with pink bows all over his head.

At least no one else was going to see him like this, right?


Rise had better not have gone to get her Dreamberry, to take pictures of this.

((And if you don't want to do the interactive thing--))

Harley blinked, and rubbed his eyes -- and then quickly looked at his hand, turning it over. It was a hand, not a hoof again. Oh good, so that was just a dream.


Wait, if it was a dream, then--


Harley hurriedly reached over to the nightstand, grabbing the Dreamberry to shut it off. Maybe not everyone had seen that?
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