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((Backdated a day or two, I guess? This is repeated all throughout the event; it's what isn't letting him get a good night's rest. Dream effects would include complete and utter mortal terror, and pain, to whatever degree it is your char's getting the dream effects.

After-dream responses: Harley only knows English. And a handful of very, very fail fail!French words. So pretty much, just English. :| ))

Light. There was light everywhere, streaks of it, blinding, and then pain throughout his body, curling in the pit of his stomach and spreading through the rest of him as he doubled over, something changing--

The growl from beside him got his attention, and he looked to his right, in time to see the odd monster (it had to be a monster-- the claws, the teeth, the way it cried out, baring its teeth at him, oh god, the teeth--) rear up, and he closed his eyes, lashing out at it somehow, before it could attack him. The next thing he knew, he was ripping his head back up, away from it, and tasted blood (he wasn't even going to think about that) and stepping backwards while what was now left of it tried to claw for his foot somehow. He tripped over a rock, and as he fell back, he saw up ahead of him on the battlefield, more monsters, shapes of blue and green and yellow and gray and red, tearing into smaller gray humanoids, and then the back of his head hit stone, and it all went black.

It couldn't have been more than a minute before his vision cleared again, he figured, but it didn't really matter... the sounds of the bloodbath had died down, and he lifted his head, moving to push himself back up to sitting, and found something warm and wet in his hand. And soft. As he looked down, a half-eaten human head, one of his men who'd been shot by the Embryon sniper before the light changed everything, stared back up at him with dull, flat, lifeless gray eyes. His gut clenched again, and he shoved himself to his feet, running as fast as they'd take him, and not looking back.

But footsteps followed him-- down the gray halls of Svadhisthana, found him at every turn and twist of the fortress he dared to pause in, in a futile attempt to catch his breath. Every time he dared think that maybe they hadn't managed to follow him, or had given up, Serph came into the room, flanked by Argilla and Heat, and all he could see was the battlefield from before, and the light stretching in lines across them, and the teeth, oh god the teeth--

"G-get away from me!" But they didn't listen, they just came after him again, and he turned and fled once more....

He slammed the door behind him, his heart beating wildly, looking around the room for a place to hide, but finding nothing before they were at the door, coming in. The red -- angry, fiery red -- and he was thrown against the wall, and he heard a crack as he hit it, and saw gray and yellow and red, and teeth and claws as the demons tore into him, and then it all went black --

--and there he was, on his back, every inch of him freezing, in pain, red over him, a giant mouth with oversized teeth coming down at him, tearing into him, ripping through flesh --

oh god no don't want to die stop it no have to get away

and pulling back skin and tissue, stained crimson, and he could barely draw breath to cry out

don't eat me stop it don't eat me don't want to die

and claws dug into him, his vision swimming from the pain and the lightheadedness of blood loss.

For a moment, the shape above him took on another appearance, shiny and black, its maw -- mandibles? -- split several ways, displaying giant teeth in a terrible white starburst... and then it lunged toward him, and everything went black.

Harley woke with a quiet gasp, fists clutching the bedding as though his life depended on it, knuckles white and Atma mark on the back of his left hand acting up faintly, a soft orange light glowing around the black shape. He was fully under his blankets with the dreamberry, pillow tucked down under the blankets as well, with the dog, Noireau, sleeping fitfully right beside him, and Rise's distinct red hair lying over Noireau's white and black fur, on the other side.

He took a shaky breath, and let go of the sheets with one hand enough to wipe his eyes, not yet noticing that the dim light was coming from the device which had turned on, by the pillows.

Date: 2010-02-28 03:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] forever-witch.livejournal.com
I've yet to die in such a manner.
Still, you're safe.

[English -- she speaks it too?]

Date: 2010-02-28 03:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] justwantsafety.livejournal.com

*takes him a sec -- oh hi there, Dreamberry! didn't quite realize that was on yet. o_o;*

*quickly finishes wiping his eyes. Tears? What. You saw no tears. :|*
From: [identity profile] justwantsafety.livejournal.com
....wait, did that just--

....that all got broadcasted just now, didn't it.


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