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Gray. It was gray before him, to the sides, everywhere was nothing but gray. And green showed down from above, catching on the gray walls and sticking there, cool and blinding.

And then there was red, flung through the air, and red roaring through enormous white teeth, ripping something (someone) gray apart, spilling more red, and yellow behind it, and white, all of them grabbing the other gray ones, the smaller ones, the human shapes which were darkening as glowing purple lines crawled across them, and spilling more red, making it all disappear.

He nearly stumbled (Had he been running? Yes, yes he had-- He had to have been running--) but caught himself on the wall before he fell, and kept going through the gray halls, turning a corner and landing hard against another gray thing, a recessed section, a door that

have to get away from them, oh dear god don't let them catch me please don't let them eat me too

didn't want to open right away. He tried prying it open, only for his hand to catch on a device of some sort, something hard and smooth, a panel with a thin hole (slot) in it. And it seemed something was in his other hand, his left hand (the hand that was now covered in golden, glowing lines) a hard and smooth and small and flat thing which was supposed to go into the panel. He risked a glance behind him, the red splattering down the hall, the tangle of colors as they drew ever so swiftly nearer, casting dark shadows through the hall, blocking the green lighting above, concealing what they were doing with those they grabbed, now charcoal with glowing lines of different colors, making them disappear into their massive mouths, human screams mingling with bloodthirsty, inhuman sounds that made his blood run cold. Sharp white teeth were one of the few details to be seen among the carnage behind him, and he turned back to the panel just as he somehow managed to fit the card inside, quickly prying the door open, that it might let him in sooner than it would on its own, and as he tried to shove through the widening passageway, he risked another glance behind him.

They were already upon him, and black obscured his view (there was a black one, wasn't there? there had to be) its gaping maw filled with a starburst of white, rows of gleaming teeth filling his vision as it crashed against him, knocking him backwards into the room, and as he drew a breath to scream, he fell--

The Dreamberry hit against the side of the nightstand and clattered to the floor, resting just before a lump in a pile of green blankets did likewise. It was quickly followed by Noireau, the growing-ever-bigger malamute puppy, who apparently just could not wait to play with Harley that morning, and had shoved him out of bed in her efforts to wake him up. Never mind that the lump in the blankets which was, presumably, the Vanguards leader, seemed to be fairly hopelessly tangled now while she stepped on him and nudged at him, and he made muffled sounds of protest back. She was going to play, and that was that.

And then she stepped on the Dreamberry, cutting the feed.

((let's just presume that when the calls happen, it'll be a while later, when the dog's not trying to wrestle with him from outside the blanket, and stepping on his Dreamberry.

Also, he is an itty lil shetland pony now. Because that door lock he dreamed he put a keycard into? That was actually his Dreamberry and the "turn into an animal" card. XD))
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