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When: After the tunnels event, because I'm not sure how long that's running. XD
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The sky was a dull gray, the landscape was a dull gray, and the air was filled with a misty drizzle which blurred the distinction between the two, in the distances.

They were in a battlefield, the rubble of destroyed buildings all around them, crumbled walls and half-standing structures that would once have been rooms but were now merely terrain hazards. Perhaps they had been someone's homes, or office buildings, or even part of another base, much like the one in the distance, Vishuddha, with ornate decor around every doorway and eave, and white lamps at the building corners... but now, they were merely trash.

The Junkyard.

His boots crunched softly over the gray, powdered remains of something that was either rock or concrete, or maybe only drywall, as he made his way to a small group in position behind a particularly large structure that was still half standing. It was probably what was left of a stone wall, but he didn't stop to question it. It was thick enough, and sturdy enough, to serve as cover, and that was all they cared to know about it.

"Joey," he said, giving the male with short, blue hair sticking out from under his tagelmust a nod, and shifting his gaze to the female. "Anna. Report."

"There's twenty two of them," she said calmly, still looking around the field, a scope up over one eye. She pointed up to the top of a building that still had its first story, and a bit of its second, intact. There, behind a partial wall above the first floor, flanked by two of his officers, was Lupa. He and the others had straps over their shoulders, for their weapons, but were holding them low, out of sight for the moment while they watched the Vanguards and spoke quietly to each other. Their jackets were all left open, and not a single Wolf Tribesman had on one of the common black undershirts below it, or abdominal armor. Perhaps they were making a statement, in dressing so lightly, showing off their darker skin, and the white Tribe paint that ran across it, contrasting it so well as it curved across biceps and ran down others' chests. Their hair was held back, in braids, in buns, in pony tails, keeping it neatly out of their way perhaps better than anyone's scarves did, among the Vanguards, and their gray eyes scanned the area, not missing a detail. "But they haven't made the first move."

"Wonder what they're waiting for." Joey pulled something back on his crossbow, making sure it was loaded and ready to fire.

Harley shook his head, some faint smirk finding its way into his expression. "I don't know, but we can give them something. Everyone ready?"

"Yes sir."

"Good. Let's have--" The side of his face was suddenly filled with warm breath as something soft and wet wiped across it. Anna's tongue. Harley broke off, confused, and turned to look at her.

Her expression was calm as always, eyes a flat, pupil-less gray and devoid of any emotion whatsoever as she leaned toward him, putting a hand up on his shoulder, getting closer. She ducked in again, sticking her tongue out, and ran it against his cheek, even as he tried to turn his face aside to avoid it, her purple hair tickling his chin.

"Anna? What're you--"

She found his mouth again, and licked across his lips quickly, her other hand finding his chest. Not sure what else to do, he tried to take a step back. In the middle of the battlefield, she was... what, was she losing her mind? What was she doing?

"Don't--" Harley tried to jerk away again when she persisted, closing his eyes and putting a hand up to push her away, only to find his efforts at thwarting hers unsuccessful.

The gray sky was no longer so gray, though, when he blinked. It was softer, brighter, warmer, more yellow by the sideways light, with an electric fixture in the middle of it, currently off. There weren't any clouds in sight, but there was a dresser, and a window with drawn curtains letting in sunshine. He held no crossbow, but part of his blanket.

Perhaps more tellingly, there were no other Vanguards or Wolves in sight, and certainly not the purple-haired Anna.

"Noireau, hey!"

Harley put a hand up over the puppy's face to block her continued efforts to wake him up, even as her tail thumped against his side. She moved her paws on his shoulder and tried to keep licking while he brought his other hand up to wipe her drool off himself. "Come on, don't do that!"

The puppy whined, then gave a little bark, scrambling up onto his stomach to get over him. She headed for his other cheek.

"I'm up! I'm up already!"

Another bark, and he scrambled out from under the bedding, his bright orange hair a wild mess. The puppy jumped down off the bed and headed to the door, turning to wait for him with another bark, tail wagging madly.

"And you want to be let out, don't you. Okay...." He got up from the bed, grabbing the Dreamberry off the nightstand. "Didn't feel like getting Abel to do it, huh?"

Another little bark, and the Dreamberry was closed, connection finally cut.
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